8 Insanely Simple Productivity Hacks




How to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive

We have banned the word ‘busy’ from our office. Whether chatting to customers or each other, we no longer talk about how busy we are. For most of us, talking about being busy has become so normal, we don’t even realise we do. So much so, that it almost feels wrong not to be busy all the time.

We were curious to see what would happen if we changed our ‘busy’ mindset to being productive. Like any habit, feeling and acting busy isn’t easy to break. We made a conscious choice to replace it with something better. We’ve been trialling these 8 insanely simple productivity hacks. Don’t be fooled, the hacks are simple, but having the discipline to make them part of our everyday routine takes commitment.

We’re starting to see the results as our stress levels reduce and productivity increases. Are you ready to give up your addiction to being busy?




Claire Huntington has over 15 years’ experience in senior and executive level human resource management and strategic leadership positions. Claire learnt HR under the wings of great mentors and through trial and error. She has a very practical hands-on approach to HR and management, and isn’t afraid to look outside the box. Claire is also mum to three primary-school aged firecrackers and is an avid photographer in her spare time.

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