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Corporate Health & Wellbeing Consultancy

Considering a fresh approach to Health & Wellbeing Coaching to increase employee engagement & productivity?  Talk to us first.

We know from our background in HR that if your employees are not happy it affects your bottom-line. We have the ability to work with specific individuals or groups to find their point of difference, passion and purpose.We incorporate health and wellness into your culture in conjunction with your HR and WHS policies and procedures.

Together, we will explore concerns specific to your business and the individual in which you will discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance, health and wellness.

We offer Health and Wellbeing Programs that can be tailored to suit your individual business’s culture and work ethic. Our programs aim to inspire employees to further develop their personal wellbeing skills with both mental and physical insights.

Innovations in Health and Wellbeing Coaching

We nurture participants with new habits, new ideas and ongoing support which equals a sustainable approach to health, fitness and positive thinking. Inspire HQ understands the importance of giving regular feedback, communication, and giving recognition for the things employees are improving on. We know from research, that a happy employee plays a major role in leading a healthy lifestyle not only on an individual basis but on a corporate basis.

Reap the rewards of this investment

A thriving business has happy and motivated employees. From experience, we know that fit and healthy employees engaged in a life-work balance are more productive for longer periods of time. Organisations are increasingly reexamining their value systems and are reaping the benefits of incorporating health and wellbeing into their work culture.

Our Inspire HQ Health and Wellbeing consultancy service can help you;

  • By delivering robust, engaging and inspiring workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Assist you to word the language of your internal documents to reflect a healthy workplace
  • Implement feedback channels
  • Assist you to implement wellness days at work
  • Implement policies and procedures  and to produce  a company policy statement on Wellness.

Empower your employees to achieve health, happiness and balance in the workplace

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