Our Story

Our Story

We inspire you to find, lead and develop your people.
Together we can build great workplaces.


Inspire HQ was founded by Ange Connor in 2013.

The famous words of Zig Ziglar “you don’t build a business – you build people and then the people build the business” resonated strongly with Ange.

After hearing over and over again of the frustrations in recruiting the right talent needed to help achieve a business’s strategic goals and then the ongoing challenge of engaging, motivating, developing and retaining those people, the Inspire HQ story began.

A possibility thinker, Ange began with imagination; a vision, a dream, an aspiration to offer something a little different in the recruitment, human resources, and careers space. Her ‘why’ was to inspire people to love what they do and to build great workplaces. She had learnt from personal experience that we spend way too much of our lives at work to not genuinely love what we do and that to do great work we need to work in our area of genius.

From helping people to find their area of genius to recruiting and connecting like-minded talent and businesses, to implementing the HR frameworks to set people up for success in their roles, Inspire HQ has successfully partnered with businesses across Ballarat and regional Victoria to help build great workplaces.

Ange is standing in the Inspire HQ hallway with her arms crossed below her chest smiling widely at the camera.
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Our Approach

We give the kind of experience we’d all like to have. Simple and honest. Our goal is to surprise and delight our clients.

To achieve this, we need to challenge people’s thinking. We get past the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to the ‘why’. We bother people with a lot of questions, and we mean a lot! But that’s where we find the gold that allows us to help you.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do at Inspire HQ:

No Bull$#!t – As a true business partner we sometimes have to have the difficult conversation with one another. We tell you what you need to hear, because we want you to succeed. Honest straight-talking all the way.

Doing what’s right – even when no one is looking.  We respect our relationship with our talent, our clients and each other. Trust is sacred. Oh yeah, and if we make a promise, we work our butts off to keep it.

Courage to do things differently – We are naturally curious. That curiosity becomes questions (usually starting with ‘why’), questions become ideas, and ideas become actions. Not all our ideas are fabulous, but we take the risk anyway.

Be great together – within our own team and with you. There isn’t a magic formula that makes this happen, we work at it and then we work at it some more.  We are genuinely curious and care about the people and businesses we work with. We measure our success on our long-term relationships.

An out of focus woman is looking at an iPad which displays the Inspire HQ Values and Why.