Our Team

Our Team

Meet our inspiring team

Collectively, our team has many years of experience providing recruitment, human resource and careers services.

We are big on building relationships, so to help you get to know a little bit about us and what makes us tick, here is an intro to each of our passionate team members.

Ange Connor
Megan Vila Pouca
Head of Recruitment
Kara Templar
Head of Business Operations
Edith Thornton
Executive Assistant
Taryn Heinrich
Human Resources Strategist
Shelby Pike
Human Resources Associate
Rachael Brown
Career Coach
Kate Molesworth
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Abbey Perkins
Reception - Administration Assistant
Katelyn Bailey
Finance and Payroll Officer
Pam Connor
Finance and Payroll Officer

Ready to be inspired?

We genuinely love what we do. If building great workplaces and inspiring people to love what they do sounds like a worthwhile reason to get out of bed every day, please get in touch!