Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment
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What is Temp Work?

Casual, flexible employment opportunities

A temporary worker is a person who is brought in to fill a position within a workplace for a short period of time. There are all kinds of reasons why a workplace requires a temp. From covering sick leave or annual leave, helping out during a peak period, backfilling a secondment, or covering a maternity leave period, temp work can be full time or part time hours and can vary in length of assignment from a couple of days or up to 12 months.

At Inspire HQ, we provide temp workers to Ballarat and Victorian businesses to fill customer service, business support and administration, finance and accounts, human resources, IT, sales and marketing positions. Due to the nature of temporary work, temp work often requires you to be available for commencement at short notice.

Why Temp with Inspire HQ?

The highlights of temping

Temp work has many benefits. It’s a great way to try out different positions to see what you like; you can develop new skills, get a foot in the door in a new industry, or use it as a trial to re-enter the workforce after an extended period of leave. Temping can be great as a fill-in while you look for a permanent role and often temp work can lead to a permanent position.

As an Inspire HQ temp, you’ll be supported by our team of dedicated specialists who are experts in helping you to understand your skills and attributes and what you want to achieve by temping so we can match you to the right temp placements. You’ll be employed by Inspire HQ and will be paid competitive hourly rates to match your skills and experience while gaining exposure to a range of different jobs and industries.

You’ll receive regular check-ins from our team to ensure you feel supported and comfortable during your temp assignment. We have a thorough induction process, are committed to ensuring your safety in the host workplace by undertaking regular workplace WH&S assessments and are here to support and encourage your continued career and skill development.

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What they say about our work

"I have no hesitation in recommending Megan to any candidate searching for their next opportunity or stepping up their career. It is no understatement to confirm Megan is the best recruitment agent I've ever had the pleasure of engaging with in my career. Having engaged with recruitment services across London and Melbourne I can confidently confirm Megan is a league above the recruitment industry on an international scale and her client service is truly above the highest of standards."
"I thank Megan for her welcome and guidance in my transition from Adelaide to Ballarat. She understood what I was seeking and sourced temping opportunities that matched my interests and strongest skill set."
“Megan made my journey into temping very easy. I was impressed with her professionalism and ability to assist me in finding the perfect placement that has now led to an even more perfect full-time position.”
“Since 2001, I have registered with dozens of recruitment agencies (in Melbourne). My interaction with them was professional, but I always felt the recruiter’s followed a script. When I met Megan, well, she actually listened to me, heard me and understood who I am. I have and always will give my absolute best in every assignment I’m given”
“Inspire HQ first welcomed me to their agency; they got to know me and talked through my CV, discussing the skills I would have that would meet their client needs. When Megan considers me for a role, she gives me all the requirements and time frames – this enables me to understand what will be required of the role. She has a great relationship with the clients and also checks with me to see how I am going in the role and relays the feedback that she receives from the employer; this makes me feel inclusive as an ‘employee’ of Inspire HQ and I take the feedback with confidence as I move into my next role.”

Join our temporary talent team!

If you’re keen to join the Inspire HQ temporary talent team, follow the link below to register your interest. One of our consultants will be in touch once we have received your registration to discuss how temping can work best for you and help you achieve your career goals!

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