Jumping into the recruitment industry has been nothing short of a whirlwind for me, I have been thrust into this crazy world where interacting with people on a daily basis has been the number one priority. I manage the Temporary Recruitment desk at Inspire HQ and the nature of “temp work” is very fast paced. I will have a client call me in the afternoon with a job, and they will need a temp to start the next day, so my temps have to be ready! What I’ve quickly come to learn is that pace is the key difference between a temporary and permanent recruitment process.

A typical Permanent Recruitment Process (Approx 8 week turnaround)

  • Job is listed online (1 week for application to be submitted)
  • Go through and process applications (1 week)
  • Contact the suitable candidates and conduct a phone interview (1 week)
  • Book candidates in for a first round interview (1 week)
  • Conduct reference checks (1 week)
  • Shortlist the candidates and present to the employer (1 week)
  • Second round interviews (1 week)
  • Employer makes a decision (1 week)

A typical Temporary Recruitment Process (Anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days turn around)

  • Employer calls in regards to a specific roles they need filled
  • I contact my “Temp Team” candidates that would be best suited for the role to see if they are available and interested
  • Sometimes they’ll want to interview you or sometimes they’ll go on my recommendation
  • Start the next day!

The reason I explain the difference in processes is that some people don’t realise how quickly we have to move in the Temporary recruitment world in comparison to the Permanent world. So when you join my Temp Team I need you to be on the ball, I need you to be accessible, react quickly and most of all complete my list of non-negotiables when we start working together.

Let me paint a picture for you – If you are actively looking for temp work and you call me or submit an application, chances are I won’t have a job just sitting here ready to go, as it will have already been filled in 1-3 days of it coming across my desk. The temp who got placed had already gone through my list of non-negotiables and was ready to go. All I had to do was ring them to see if they were available/interested in the role and set up an interview with the employer and – BANG – job filled.

To be a superstar Temp these are my 4 Non-Negotiables

  1. Be responsive and flexible – My team consists of temps who specialise in Administration, Reception, Customer Service, Data Entry, Finance, HR, IT/ICT, Marketing, Executive Assistant and Personal Assistance, plus many more. When you express your interest to be on my team this is where you need to earn your spot on my team. I’ll be in touch to learn all about your career history and really hone in on the skills and experience you have to bring to the team. My suggestion would be to dedicate some time for us to get to know each other; remember first impressions count and things move quickly in the world of temporary recruitment so the quicker we can learn about you the quicker we can help you.
  2. Be open and honest – Honesty is the best policy, if you don’t like doing reception work because it will bore you to tears, tell me! If you have a creative flair or an obscure skill that isn’t on your resume, tell me! If your hourly rate expectation is nothing lower than $28 an hour, tell me! I need to know all your ins and outs, what you like/ don’t like, what motivates you, what specialised skills or qualifications you have, so that I can promote you to a potential employer. So please be open and honest with me when I call or interview you, don’t just say I’ll do anything for any amount of money; being vague won’t help me help you. I want to help you find the right role for the right money so that you have job satisfaction and love what you do.
  3. Jump through some hoops – To be a superstar temp you need to do a few things for me before you’re on the “team” so to speak. Depending on the nature of temp work that you are interested in, our clients have certain expectations regarding assessing your skills. They want the peace of mind that you will be able to step in and hit the ground running. For example we may require you to complete an online skills assessment to determine your suitability for a particular temp role. Completing these assessments, being able to attend an interview in a timely manner and providing referees that are contactable is imperative to being a successful temp and being at the top of my list.
  4. Keep me in the loop – If you have found a job , whether it be temporary or permanent PLEASE let me know – Don’t feel guilty, it’s exciting starting a new role, and that way I won’t be calling, texting and emailing you to see if you are still searching for a job. I also encourage you to let me know of other roles you are applying for; that helps me get a feel for your interests and the types of roles that appeal to you – that way I can help you find the perfect position.

Follow these non-negotiables and you will be at the top of my list when a job comes across my desk. You will have first priority when a temp role comes up that I think will suit your skill set, experience and requirements (pay rate and days of work). The ball is in your court now, are you up for the challenge of being on my Temp Team and being my most valuable player?


Amber Allen has built a successful career on providing exceptional customer service and building mutually beneficial relationships. As the Temporary Recruitment Strategist at Inspire HQ she has a passion for helping people love what they do. In the changing world of work; where businesses need the flexibility to scale their workforce and employees seek greater flexibility, Amber’s passion, initiative and problem solving skills ensure she gets the outcomes her clients need and want.

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