Building a Strong Employee Value Proposition: Tips for Success

As a recruitment and HR agency, we’re noticing a trend among candidates – they’re looking for more than just a pay check from their employer. In fact, they want a range of benefits, including a great culture, staff benefits, flexibility, work/life balance, and career development. If you’re not listening to what employees are seeking from their employee experience, you may struggle to attract and retain top talent.

To position yourself as an employer of choice in the market, your talent attraction strategy needs to prioritise defining a clear Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This will ensure that you attract candidates who are a natural fit for your business and who value the benefits you offer in exchange for their skills and experience.

In today’s candidate short market, organisations are challenged to attract and retain the right talent. Competitive salary and an interesting job are no longer enough to lure candidates. It’s important for employers to understand how their employee offerings set them apart from their competitors and capitalise on this to entice top talent. Establishing a strong EVP is one tool to help you drive business success.

At its core, an EVP tells the candidate why they should choose your organisation over another, and sets out what you will offer and provide during their employment with you. By delivering on these promises, employees are more likely to stay with your organisation for a longer period of time and contribute to the success of the business.

To find out why someone likes working for your organisation, simply ask them.

These three questions will help you start the conversation:

  • Why did they choose your organisation to work for?
  • What’s different/unique/better about your organisation compared to other organisations they have worked for?
  • Why do they stay working at your organisation?

The answers to these questions will help build your EVP. It’s always beneficial to get an external provider to facilitate these feedback sessions. Employees are relaxed, willing to share, and appreciative of their opinion being heard and valued. They’re excited to talk about their employment experience and are often a champion of your business.

The employee feedback shared drives the messaging you will use to attract and motivate candidates whose values and motivators align to your organisation. By attracting like-minded talent, you reduce your chance of recruitment error as the candidate has a greater understanding of your business, what’s in it for them, and what you expect from them.

There are many ways to communicate your EVP internally and externally, including job ads, engaging website content, social media marketing, strong employer branding, and emotive language. By knowing your EVP, you can show people what makes your culture great, by sharing comments from employees and candid team photos that capture the culture.

Developing and communicating your EVP is an effective tool to use in your talent attraction and retention strategy. With many employers currently competing for the same talent, it can take an external perspective to help you identify your competitive advantage and interpret your employee experience to your target audience. At Inspire HQ, we enjoy partnering with businesses who are aware of their EVP as it makes recruiting their talent a genuine and authentic experience.

Understanding and delivering on your Employee Value Proposition is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent in today’s competitive job market. By asking employees for their feedback and building a strong EVP, you can differentiate your organisation from competitors and create a more authentic and engaging recruiting experience for potential candidates. Ultimately, this approach can lead to higher employee satisfaction, better retention rates, and greater business success. So, take the time to define and communicate your EVP, and you’ll be well on your way to building a more successful and sustainable organisation.

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