Debunking the Myths of Temping

Edith Thornton

In today’s dynamic job market the concept of traditional full-time permanent employment is constantly evolving. We are finding more candidates exploring alternative options that offer greater flexibility and adaptability to suit their lifestyles. In this blog,  I will explore why temping may work for you!  What the reality of being a ‘Temp’ is – and why it may just be the opportunity you have been looking for…

Myth 1: Temping is a last resort for job seekers

One common misconception about temping is that it is for individuals that cannot find permanent on-going employment.

In reality, many professionals are actively choosing to work in temporary/short term assignments, realising the opportunity to explore different industries, gain valuable experience, or maintain work life balance. A temp position can often be more of a strategic career choice rather than a fallback option. We find that a number of our temps use it to their advantage – allowing time for further study, juggling family commitments or time for travel. Perhaps you have had some time out of the workforce, and the prospect of being employed again is a little daunting. Temp roles can offer you the ability to regain your confidence and skills and remind yourself that you are more than capable!

Myth 2: Temping jobs lack stability

Another myth surrounding temping is the assumption that temporary positions lack stability and security.

While this can be true, and temping may not always offer the same level of job security as a permanent ongoing role, it does provide a unique sense of adaptability and give you exposure to various work environments. Temporary positions often allow individuals to develop a diverse skill set, expand their professional network, and enhance their reach and marketability. This exposure can be extremely beneficial when it comes to fine tuning your career interests, and identifying an industry or sector that aligns with your interests and goals.

Myth 3: Temp work offers limited opportunities for career growth

Temping fosters professional growth and affords fantastic opportunities for career development. We have worked with a many temps that have been engaged to commence in a particular temp role and the employer has then identified another skill set, seeing more value in that particular skill  set and consequently transferring the temp to a different role or capacity, in some cases even offering the temp ongoing, permanent employment.

Temp work provides a platform to expand your skill set and gain experience across different industries. Each assignment can present opportunities for growth, allowing you to enhance your knowledge base and adaptability skills. Temp work can often involve working with diverse teams which can broaden your perspective and enhance your personal, professional and technical skills. Temping doesn’t just allow you to maintain your skill set and knowledge base, but it can improve them as well.

Myth 4: Temping is only for entry level positions

Our goal is to provide our clients with temps that can hit the ground running and have an immediate impact in their business. Temp roles can offer experienced professionals an opportunity to contribute their expertise and make a meaningful impact.  Businesses require temps of all skill levels to be able to fill gaps in their team, handle special projects, or provide additional advice and support in peak periods. In a candidate short market like we are currently in, businesses are using temps to fill roles that they haven’t been able to fill on a permanent basis.

It can also be a great way to supplement your current workload. If you love your part time role but there isn’t an opportunity to increase your hours, temp can be a great way to compliment your current role. Or if you work for yourself and are building your business or struggling to find more clients, temping can also be a great way to supplement your own consulting or help you through those quieter periods.

Myth 5: When temping you’re not part of a team

One common concern for those considering temping is that you may feel isolated or disconnected from the workplace culture as you are not actually part of the team. While temp assignments may involve shorter durations and changing work environments, our clients go over and above to help you feel like part of the team. Many of our clients include their temps in all the social activities that the rest of their employees participate in.

Temping is a versatile employment option that offers unique benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth. By debunking the myths surrounding temporary work, we hope to encourage you, or someone you know, to consider temping as a valuable pathway to explore new industries, gain new experiences and expand  skill sets. If you’re open to embracing change, acquiring new skills, and seizing exciting opportunities, temping might just be the perfect choice for you!

About The Author
Edith Thornton

Edith’s experience stems from a career in Residential Construction and Real Estate. Over that time, her organisational skills and can-do attitude are what have brought her the most enjoyment and success in her work. She is a logical thinker and loves problem-solving. Edith loves supporting the team by being up to date and helping wherever she can. She uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to try new things and explore new ways of looking at an obstacle in front of them.

Edith is inspired by her husband and young daughter. Outside of work, Edith likes to go running around Ballarat, spend time in the gym and read anything and everything.

For more useful information, follow Edith on LinkedIn.

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