HR – What can they do for you?

Taryn Heinrich

Human Resources is often a misunderstood department, with businesses not too sure if they need it or what HR actually do. But there is no denying that HR is essential for businesses. Depending on the size of your company will determine how often you require HR services and what those services actually are.

So how should you be utilising them to achieve outcomes in your business?

Here are some of the most common areas that HR can assist you:

Industrial Relations (IR)

Industrial Relations are the employment conditions in the workplace. This covers all Fair Work requirements for both employers and employees. HR are specialists in this area and can provide advice and documents regarding your legal requirements in the workplace.

One of the best places to start is to ensure you have the following:

o   Employment Contracts

Employment contracts set out the terms and conditions of employment. Contracts are applicable for full time, part time and casual employment.  We can provide you with contracts that meet your legal requirements and are applicable to your industry and business.

o   Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures outline the expectations of both employees and employers in various areas of legislation and company processes. They cover off your legal requirements and provide clear guidelines for the safety of all staff. These documents are specific to your business and cover areas under industrial relations, health and safety and company best practice procedures.

o   Position Descriptions

Position descriptions outline the tasks that are required of the position. They ensure staff understand the role that they are employed to do and where they fit in the organisation and structure. It also addresses the salary and qualifications, reporting lines, and any health and safety requirements required for the position.

HR Best Practice

o   Induction & Onboarding
Having a robust onboarding and induction program will set your business apart. Setting new employees up for success from day one of their employment introduces them to your business and culture, and allows them to become a productive member of the team immediately.

o   Performance Management

Performance management processes evaluate employees’ suitability for the role. It will highlight the need for any additional support or training required, and address performance issues as they arise. Having a clear and outlined performance management procedure will provide a consistent approach to performance management for both the employee and employer.

o   Learning & Development

Training and developing your staff promotes a culture of continuous development. It enhances employee’s performance, productivity and reduces turnover. HR works with managers and employees on the best learning and development programs that will match with an employee’s position and their own personal development goals.

o   Investigations, Mediations & Conflict Resolution
Having a neutral person can be the difference between a successful investigation and/or mediation and a very poorly executed one. It may also be that you are unsure when to mediate or when to investigate conflict in the workplace. HR can be the neutral party that brings people together, and is able to identify the core issue and provide expert advice on the next steps to resolve it.

Whether you are just starting out and employing your first staff member, or if you’ve had significant growth in your business and have no idea where to start, give us a call on 03 5331 1734 to book your free Inspire HQ People Hour. For more information visit our HR Services page.

About The Author
Taryn Heinrich

Taryn’s passion is working with businesses and individuals to bring out their best. Taryn developed her HR generalist skills working on investigations, strategic planning, employment contracts, and developing and implementing HR policies and procedures.

Working closely with your business and employees, Taryn has a distinctive talent for setting people up with the tools they need to do their job safely and helping your business operate successfully. If you need help with anything HR related, Taryn is your go-to person!

On the weekend, you’ll find Taryn spending time with her family and friends – she’s always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

For more useful information, follow Taryn on LinkedIn.

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