In last week’s blog, I shared Part 1 of the temp interviews I recently conducted, in order to help educate those considering temp work and to share some insights into the many benefits that temp work can offer. Today’s blog rounds out the series of interviews with Jenny and Nada taking the spotlight:

⇒ How long have you been temping for?

Jenny: 3 years

Nada: 3 years, I registered with Inspire HQ in 2019.

⇒ What initially attracted you to temp work?

Jenny: I received a phone call from Megan, she had commenced at Inspire HQ and was introducing herself to applicants – it was that phone call that made me realise I wanted someone to take control of my career opportunities. Megan offered me a temp position, I considered my options – security of the current job – or take a leap out of my comfort zone and accept the temp assignment – I leapt!  And have never looked back.

Nada: After losing full-time employment at the end of 2018, I found it challenging to find any permanent work in my field. For me personally, it was important to be part of the workforce, to keep my sanity; I have a brain and need to use it, any interaction within the workforce was better than none and partly for financial reasons initially. Now, 3 years later, I look at temping with a totally different perspective. As I am competent in my field, I’m flexible, friendly and I enjoy dealing with people, and believe change is a positive experience, temping has served me well.

⇒ What have you found are some of the benefits of temping?

Jenny: My self-esteem is boosted when I am contacted about a position. I am keeping my office administration skills current, along with learning new software packages. I have been given the opportunity to work in different positions. I am keeping abreast of what is happening in the workforce, along with changes in the workplace introduced since COVID. Working in varied roles has enhanced my knowledge and skill set, and I am extremely confident to take on other roles. The flexibility of the assignments means that I can work around my own time arrangements, and I notify Megan if I am not available for a period of time, and then check back in with my availability.

Nada: The flexibility for sure! You can have a break between assignments, which has allowed me to visit family interstate. Temping builds your confidence both professionally and personally. It allows you not just to maintain your skills, but improve them. And, if for whatever reason you don’t like where you are working, you can finish at the end of your assignment.

⇒ What’s a skill or something you’ve learnt while temping?

Jenny: Gaining skills to work in an Accounts Payable role, working in MS Teams and exploring a rostering system with over 200 employees over 7-day, 8hr shifts.
I’ve learnt that the client knows that when they have engaged a temp, they are getting someone who has the capabilities of filling the role, and that the person is wanting to do the work and will be reliable. I’ve met people who have then been employed by the client in an ongoing role, when the temp position has finished, so the benefits of temping can lead to ongoing, permanent roles.

Nada: Personally, I love learning. Period. I’ve learnt new systems, and individually tailored to the operations of the business in the company I’m working in.
During my assignments with Inspire HQ, I have learned 7 new systems, 4 of which I was fluent in by the time I finished the assignment. In my current assignment I’m still learning, but proficient in 2 out of 3. I love the challenge when presented with something new and if complex, even better.
Temping opens up your mind and allows you to experience many things; different management styles and different ways of performing a task you may have done a hundred times before. It allows you to observe working environments, work culture and the interactions of people. You get to learn new processes and procedures relevant to the industry and the individual business, and of course, you get to meet new people.

⇒ What do you like most about temping with Inspire HQ?

Jenny: Inspire HQ first welcomed me to their agency; they got to know me and talked through my CV, discussing the skills I would have that would meet their client needs. When Megan considers me for a role, she gives me all the requirements and time frames – this enables me to understand what will be required of the role. She has a great relationship with the clients and has visited the many work locations, so her tips on the office setup and suitable footwear is welcomed when I am preparing to go to a new assignment. Megan also checks with me to see how I am going in the role and relays the feedback that she receives from the employer; this makes me feel inclusive as an ‘employee’ of Inspire HQ and I take the feedback with confidence as I move into my next role.

Nada: Since 2001, I have registered with dozens of recruitment agencies (in Melbourne). My interaction with them was professional, but I always felt the recruiter’s followed a script. When I met Megan, well, she actually listened to me, heard me and understood who I am. I have and always will give my absolute best in every assignment I’m given.

⇒ What advice would you give to someone who is looking to temp?

Jenny: It’s great!  I really enjoy the variety of work and businesses I have worked at.  Be honest about your skills and availability – you won’t be judged if you can only work limited times.  Be yourself in the position, take ownership of the position – as if you had applied for and competed to win that position. Inspire HQ are there to help us in our career, they have the professional and life skills to match the applicant to the client and the assignment successfully. When working on an assignment, remember you are representing not just yourself, but Inspire HQ.

Nada: It may not be for everyone, but I urge men and women to give it a go. Understand the commitment you are making, it’s not just about the benefits the individual will gain; your best self will benefit/reflect on the agency and their reputation as much as yours. Be friendly, ask questions, but most of all, listen to whoever is teaching you on the job, even if you have done the tasks before.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the insights that some of our temporary staff have shared in the last two weeks, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Karen, Tom, Kerryn, Jenny and Nada for their contribution. As you can see from their experiences, there are many benefits and positive spinoffs that come as a result of temp work. We supply white collar temporary staff across several industries within the Ballarat region.

If you are looking at taking the plunge into the world of temping and would like more information about the typical roles we fill, please contact me on 0427 529 233 for further information.



Disclaimer: The material contained in this publication is of a general nature only. It is not, nor is intended to be, legal advice. If you wish to act based on the content of this publication, we recommend that you seek professional advice.

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