The Human Connection in Recruitment

Edith Thornton

In the ever-evolving world of recruitment, there’s a growing buzz surrounding the impact of AI on businesses and the workforce. As the recruitment industry continues to embrace some advancements in AI technology, many of us are wondering about the role AI will play and what place there is for AI in recruitment and what that means for relationship building in our industry.

How can AI determine a candidate’s true interest in a role?

AI will possess the capability to match candidate resumes to position descriptions and job adverts, as well as facilitate follow up communication via emails and SMS messages at touch points throughout the recruitment campaign. However, AI’s limitation lies in its inability to genuinely assess a candidate’s underlying motivation for pursuing a new opportunity. A skilled recruiter can delve deeper into the candidates motivations, interpreting their body language and tone during face-to-face meetings. By actively listening and engaging with candidates, recruiters can gain insights beyond what is conveyed on their resumes, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of their genuine aspirations and intentions.

How can AI really promote an opportunity within your organisation

As talent connectors, our in-depth understanding of our candidates values, skills and aspirations enables us to enthusiastically present your opportunity to them and showcase roles that align with their preferences. Maybe this role wouldn’t have immediately caught their attention if they were solely relying on job boards and advertisements. Collaborating with a recruiter allows us to highlight your company’s culture, values and why this opportunity is an ideal match for them. We are the connecting piece between your business and an exceptional candidate. We grasp their true desires and can vividly paint the picture of how a position and career with your company aligns with their aspirations, going beyond words on paper.

How does AI know the truth behind market knowledge
When interacting with candidates, we go beyond gathering individual information; we collect valuable data and insights to gain a realistic understanding of the current job market. This allows us to provide you with concrete examples related to salaries, candidates’ preferences such as their willingness to commute to the office, and their desired benefits for their next role. Our extensive candidate interviews enable us to acquire essential market knowledge beyond what AI could gather. This information can prove highly advantageous to your company. For instance, the average salary for your vacancy might have increased since the last time you recruited for this position. Additionally, the type of role you are looking to hire might now involve a skill set in high demand in the market. Through interactions with numerous candidates, we continually receive real time updates on these trends, ensuring that we provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information to successfully fill your vacancy.

The skill of a recruiter is in their knowledge, advice, influencing, brand and problem-solving skills. While AI plays an ever-increasing role in streamlining recruitment tasks, it can never replicate the value of human connection. Empathy, emotional intelligence and genuine relationships are irreplaceable attributes that empower recruiters to excel in candidate sourcing, engagement and assessment. Hence, reinforcing the timeless importance of the human element in the recruitment industry.

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Edith Thornton

Edith’s experience stems from a career in Residential Construction and Real Estate. Over that time, her organisational skills and can-do attitude are what have brought her the most enjoyment and success in her work. She is a logical thinker and loves problem-solving. Edith loves supporting the team by being up to date and helping wherever she can. She uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to try new things and explore new ways of looking at an obstacle in front of them.

Edith is inspired by her husband and young daughter. Outside of work, Edith likes to go running around Ballarat, spend time in the gym and read anything and everything.

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